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Preparing for Your Stay

We are committed to providing exemplary healthcare while you are with us at Presbyterian Española Hospital. Below are general instructions on what to expect at Presbyterian hospitals. Your doctor may provide additional guidance.

The Importance of Patient Identification Bands

To ensure appropriate care for you during your hospital stay an identification band must be worn at all times. Identification bands are used to assure the proper medication and/or procedure is being administered to you.

Please check your identification band for:

  • Correct spelling of your name
  • Correct birth date

If you do not have an identification band, or an item is incorrect on your identification band, please notify your nurse.


We request that you send your valuables home since the hospital cannot assume responsibility for lost items. If you have misplaced a personal item during your hospital stay, you may contact the Nurses’ Station.

Financial Information

When you are discharged, the amount of your bill may not be complete, as tests and services given on the last day of hospitalization have not been added to your account by the time you leave the hospital. A final bill will be mailed to your home within 10 days after your discharge. Your hospital bill will not include your physician's fees or the fees of certain specialists, such as an anesthesiologist, or the fees of consulting specialists (pathology fees will be included).

Remember that an insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and you are responsible for your account. We will cooperate to the fullest in filing your claim.

Presbyterian Española Hospital and Presbyterian Healthcare Services participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs and adhere to all applicable regulations.

Birth Certificates

See the nursing staff in our Women’s Unit for birth certificates and Social Security applications for newborns. Or contact the New Mexico State Health Department for a copy of the birth certificate you need.