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Community paramedics help patients manage health

July 19, 2019 Featured Our Stories Video

Community paramedics with Albuquerque Ambulance Service help people in their homes – before they need emergency care.

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In 2016, Albuquerque Ambulance Service partnered with several insurers to launch a Community Paramedic Program. The insurers help identify Medicaid patients who frequently use Emergency Departments for non-emergency medical care.

From there, community paramedics are specially-trained to provide education, assessments and treatments aimed at helping patients manage their health at home.

While in the home, they look for health risks like social determinants of health such as food insecurities and lack of transportation, fall risk, social service needs and a physical assessment.

Since launching this program, more than 1,175 health plan members have been helped and the team has reduced the inappropriate use of the emergency department by 53.3% percent.

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